Linter, LLC

Linter, LLC was founded to manage the process of providing comprehensive grain cargo services (loading, storage, agency, forwarding). For several years, the Company has successfully proved itself as a reliable and open partner.

Our Company has a tendency to continue to meet the impeccable economic and legal image in the foreign trade activities. In our opinion, the long-term activity planned in this area implies an honest and transparent business conduct with foreign and Russian counterparties, as well with state and inter-state organizations and institutions.

The main areas of activities of Linter, LLC

The number and types of vessels operated by Linter varies. A full description of vessels you can find in section “Fleet” on our website.

Linter, LLC has experience in the operation of vessels under the flags of Panama and the Russian Federation.
Employees of Linter, LLC are highly experienced in the shipping industry. All the team members have higher education and experience in various shipping companies. The Company’s languages are English and Russian (including all ISM / ISPS documentation on board).

The Company’s vessels are classified in accordance with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, ISM Code, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai. Our Company does its business that adapts to constantly changing conditions, such as new requirements for the onshore safety of vessels and organizations, taking into account the existing and new international and national requirements.

Stevedoring activities

Linter, LLC manages the bulk carriers, DWT 42,000, with Liebherr cargo cranes. The handling capacity of one vessel is on average 12,000 tons per day. The vessels are also used as grain storage facilities.

Cargo is handled on the waters bodies of Kavkaz sea port; cargo is delivered by river-sea vessels from the ports of Rostov-on-Don, Azov, Yeysk, Bagaevsky, Volgodonsk, Semikarakorsk, etc.


Towing for road transshipment is carried out by tugs of Linter, LLC. The ship crews are well-trained highly experienced professionals.

Pilot Service

Our pilot service provides services for safe pilotage in compulsory pilotage areas defined by the Mandatory regulations at the sea ports of Rostov-on-Don and Azov. Pilotage in the Azov-Don Sea Canal, pilotage and maneuvering of vessels in the water bodies of the sea ports of Rostov-on-Dona and Azov. Pilotage at the sea port of Azov is carried out round the clock in accordance with the Mandatory regulations at the sea port of Azov. The pilot service has the necessary vessels and vehicles to ensure timely and safe delivery of pilots on board.

Rates of pilotage dues for services rendered by the pilot service of Linter, LLC at the sea ports of Azov and Rostov-on-Don, are tied to the rates of FSUE “Rosmorport”, approved by the Order of the Federal Tariff Service No. 53-т/2 dated March 12, 2014.

The pilot service is staffed with highly experienced professionals, thus ensuring the quality and safety of services. The nominal pilotage time is 2 hours before the start of intra-port assistance at the ports of Azov and Rostov-on-Don and 6 hours before a vessel approaches ADMC. We are committed to rapid response, thus the actual time of the pilot’s arrival on board can be greatly reduced, especially in an emergency case.

The pilot service of Linter, LLC strives to reduce the idle time of vessels waiting for a pilot, to raise the carriage profitability for our Customers.

Fleet Management

Linter, LLC is a shipowner; it also manages seagoing vessels on the basis of “SHIPMAN 98” contract, standard ship management agreement (BIMCO).

To maintain the existing maritime safety standards on the vessels managed by the Company, the Company comprehensively performs the following tasks for the shipowner:

– coordination of interaction of the shipowner with flag administrations on all matters, including reflagging, registration of temporary and permanent documents;
– work with port authorities, port control, PSC, FSC to eliminate the remarks made during inspections of the Company’s vessels;
– management of radio communication to ensure navigation safety and operational traffic control management of the fleet; implementation of modern methods of communication on vessels to reduce communication costs;
— presentation of the ship conventional equipment to Classification Societies while carrying out the survey;
— internal and comprehensive inspections of vessels for compliance with the ISM Code and ISPS requirements;
— presentation of vessels for compliance with the ISM Code and ISPS requirements while performing surveys;
— control, cooperation with the Flag State Administrations and authorized organizations for the smooth operation of technical control means in the branch monitoring system, early warning systems, ship security systems.
The Company has an approved safety management system (SMS).

The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) is developed, implemented and maintained on all the Company’s vessels.


The primary task of the supply department is to ensure comfortable work of the crew by providing them with all the necessary things. Whatever is necessary for the crew on board, laundry detergent for clothing, tools or spare parts for an engine, the supply department will find, buy and deliver it on board as soon as possible. We cooperate with Russian and foreign suppliers, thus we can choose the best quality supply in the market. The supply department work closely with economic experts and technical managers, thus, absolutely all purchases are strictly controlled, both from economic and technical viewpoints, from the request receipt till the cargo delivery on board.

We can say with full confidence that we select the best price offers and the most rapid and, at the same time, less expensive supply delivery for our Customers. Thus, we save our Customers’ budget, hence the carriage efficiency.

Auxiliary Fleet

Our Company’s auxiliary vessels provide the necessary support and assistance to the cargo fleet of both Linter, LLC and shipowners during mooring operations, pilot and supply delivery. Thus, this fleet segment is also actively developing in our Company, as well as the fleet cargo activities, and it is in great demand in the market.
About the Company in Figures
The total amount of the fleet handled by Linter, LLC is over 2,000 units, including vessels under a foreign flag. 
Vessels, Rostov
Vessels, Azov
Kavkaz, road transshipment
Transit / discharge of river vessels, Kavkaz port road
2 163 700
Amount of cargo handled
Vessels, Rostov
Vessels, Azov
Kavkaz, road transshipment
Transit / discharge of river vessels, Kavkaz port road
1 450 700
Amount of cargo handled
Vessels, Rostov
Vessels, Azov
Kavkaz, road transshipment
Transit / discharge of river vessels, Kavkaz port road
3 636 385
Amount of cargo handled

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